How much does it cost?

For Doggies

Nail Clipping – From £5 – £7 (depending on size).

Bath & Blow-dry – From £15 (depending on size).

Freshen Up Groom (Interim service) – From £15 (depending on size).

Bath & De-Shedding – From £25 (depending on size).

Full Groom – From £25 (depending on size).

For Cats and Small Animals 

Guinea Pigs: £10 

Rabbits: £15 

If your small pet isn’t on this list, please do contact us for prices. Please also note that Cat Grooming is based on a consultation basis. Cats normally take around 2 hours, but this will be discussed with you upon booking your session.

Further Information and Terms and Conditions

All services above are available appropriate to your pet, and all prices will depend on the size of the animals. 

Please do be aware that all prices are subject to change upon grooming session. This is dependent on coat condition and styling requirements.

Prices stated above are the standard prices for that breed.

Please do ask a member of staff about add-ons and extras. These can include extra spa treatments and health benefits. 

Price can vary if your dog is found with fleas and/or mats and an extra fee of £5-£10 will be added upon groomer examination and discretion. Our grooming team has the right to change prices as they see fit as not all circumstances are clear before a groom commences. 

Please contact Huggles Pamper Lounge with any questions regarding price and price change.

If you are aware of any medical problems prior to the groom, please do let the grooming team know. As it may not be appropriate to groom. Or special care can be taken if a pre-existing medical condition is not likely to cause injury to your pet or our grooming team.

Failure to do so can conclude in the groom being finished early and the owner being contacted immediately for collection. We can recommend qualified Vets for advice.

If your pet has fleas, we are not able to groom them. This is so no other pet is put at risk of flea infestation. We take all and reasonable care to clean all equipment and the environment if a flea is discovered so this does result in an extra charge.

Veterinary advice is advised if severe flea infestation is present on your pet. 

Guide Pricelist for Full Grooms / Bath and De-Shedding (based on breed)



Affenpinscher  £35

Afghan Hound  £50

Airedale Terrier  £40

Akita £40

Alaskan Malamute  £45

American Water Spaniel  £40

American Cocker Spaniel  £35




Basenji  £30

Basset Hound  £30

Beagle  £35

Bearded Collie  £55

Bedlington Terrier  £35

Bernese Mountain Dog  £55

Bichon Frise  £35

Bloodhound  £30

Border Terrier  £30

Boston Terrier  £27

Boxer  £30

Bulldog  £30

Bull Terrier  £30

Bull Terrier (Miniature)  £30

Bullmastiff  £35




Cairn Terrier  £35

Cavalier King Charles  £35

Chalkie  £30

Chihuahua (Long Coat)  £30

Chihuahua (Smooth Coat)  £25

Chinese Crested  £30

Chow Chow  £40

Chug  £30

Cocker Spaniel  £40

Cockerpoo  £35

Collie (Rough)  £35

Collie (Smooth)  £30




Dachshund £30

Dalmatian  £35

Dandie Dinmont Terrier  £35

Dobermann  £35

Dogue de Bordeaux  £55




English Setter  £35

English Springer Spaniel  £40

English Toy Terrier  £30




Field Spaniel  £40

Finnish Spitz  £30

Fox Terrier (Smooth)  £30

Fox Terrier (Wire Haired / Hand Strip)  £35

French Bulldog  £30




German Longhaired Pointer  £30

German Pinscher  £30

German Shepard  £45

German Short Haired Pinscher  £30

German Spitz  £30

German Wirehaired Pointer  £45

Giant Schnauzer  £45

Golden Doodle  £40

Gordon Setter  £40

Great Dane  £50

Greyhound  £30




Irish Red and White Setter  £40

Irish Setter  £40

Irish Terrier  £40

Irish Water Spaniel  £40

Irish Wolfhound  £55

Italian Greyhound  £30




Jack Russel Terrier  £30

Japanese Akita  £40

Japanese Chin  £30

Japanese Spitz  £30

JackChi  £30

Jackapoo  £30




Keeshond  £50

Kerry Blue Terrier  £35

King Charles Spaniel  £35




Labradoodle  £40

Lakeland Terrier  £35

Leonberger  £55

Lhasa Apso  £35

Lowchen  £35




Maltese  £30

Manchester Terrier  £30

Mastiff  £55

Miniature Schnauzer  £30

Miniature Pinscher  £25




Neapolitan Mastiff  £55

New Foundland  £65

Norfolk Terrier  £30

Norwegian Elkhound  £40

Norwich Terrier  £30




Old English Sheepdog  £55

Otterhound  £45




Papillon  £30

Parson Russell Terrier £35

Pekingese  £30

Pointer  £35

Pomeranian  £35

Pomsky  £35

Poodle (Standard) £45

Poodle (Miniature) £35

Poodle (Toy)  £35

Portuguese Pointer £40

Portuguese Water Dog  £45

Pug  £30




Retriever (Curly Coat)  £40

Retriever (Flat Coat)  £40

Retriever (Golden)  £40

Retriever (Labrador)  £40

Rhodesian Ridgeback  £40

Rottweiler  £40




Saluki  £40

Samoyed  £40

Standard Schnauzer  £35

Scottish Terrier  £40

Shar Pei  £30

Shetland Sheepdog  £40

Shih Tzu  £35

Siberian Husky  £40

St Bernard  £65

Staffordshire Bull Terrier  £30




Wheaten Terrier (Soft Coat)  £35

Weimaraner  £30

Welsh Corgi  £30

Welsh Springer Spaniel  £35

Welsh Terrier  £40

West Highland Terrier  £35

Whippet  £30

White Swiss Shepard Dog  £40




Yorkipoo  £35

Yorkshire Terrier £30